Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Netbox Operating System

The Netbox operating system (or software platform) includes the underlying system kernel and the application elements that enable each Netbox to operate as a Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance or Secure Web Gateway (SWG).  

Netbox Operating System - Athena (Release 30)

Athena is Netbox Blue's latest major revision of the Netbox operating system. This update includes significant enhancements to the underlying core operating system from the kernel through to the userspace environment. 

Underlying Core Operating System
  • Improved reboot times (3 times faster)
  • More Rapid service restart (50%-95% faster)
  • Support for the latest networking technologies
Server Name Identification (SNI)

Support for SNI on outbound HTTPS requests, providing compatibility for clients and servers utilizing these extensions.

HTTPS Inspection Enhancements

Using the SNI header, the ability to exclude hosts from HTTPS inspection is now possible using wildcards, providing the ability to exclude an entire domain, and all its subdomains in a single rule. 

Please refer to the release notes for detailed information.