Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Identity Management

Netbox Blue goes that extra step with not only securing networking resources with advanced firewalling but it also operates at the user level with Internet Authentication. Internet Authentication assures users who access the Internet via the Netbox are authenticated either at the IP or Mac level. Internet Authentication seamlessly integrates into transparent proxy for a seamless Internet experience. Users who are not transparently authenticated against Internet Authentication are forced to login via the Netbox captive portal page by authenticating against a local or network directory services.

Active Directory
Full single sign on capabilities to integrate into AD to allow for seamless deployment and gain immediate intelligence out of a network in terms generating network reports associated with usernames. When coupled with Content Filtering allows Internet usage policies to be deployed around groups in AD.

Leverage usernames and passwords from AD for authentication via the remote access VPN module.

Remote Netbox
Provides ability for remote sites to leverage a central Netbox for users, groups and passwords.