Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Endpoint Management

Netbox Blue's Borderless Internet Compliance (BIC) Agent extends the on-network security to MS Windows or Apple OS X endpoints. RoamSafe extends controls to iOS 9 devices.

Windows and OS X computers have become crucial tools in organisations of every size, but there are many risks associated with using laptops off the organisation's network. These risks include loss of confidential data, accessing inappropriate web sites, exposure to bullying and increased internet costs.

The user and the organisation's reputation may also be at risk from the user posting defamatory, racial or generally inappropriate comments on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various blogs or communicating offensively by email.

The BIC Agent is a small software application installed on devices that provides the ability to extend web filtering and social media management controls to devices wherever and however the device connects to the internet. The agent is tamper-resistant and also provides reporting and alerting data.

Managed and Unmanaged Agent

Netbox Blue provides two types of BIC Agents.  The BIC Agent for Unmanaged devices is a variant of the BIC Agent that can be used to associate a device with a particular user regardless of the user account on the device. This is in comparison to the BIC Agent for Managed devices, which associates traffic on the device with the user that is currently logged on.

Managed Agent

Unmanaged Agent

  • This is the original agent widely deployed
  • For devices that are on domain (i.e. Active Directory)
  • Policies are applied and usage recorded for the currently logged on domain user
  • If a local user account is used then only network policies will be applied and the user account usage is recorded against may be unknown
  • Ideally suited to devices where users cannot create and use local user accounts.
  • For devices that are not domain members and use local user accounts
  • For devices that are domain members but users can create and use local user accounts
  • The user will be redirected to a login page on first use after installing the BIC Agent
  • Policies are applied and all usage recorded is against the first user to use the device regardless of user account on the device.

RoamSafe offers full controls for iOS 9 devices when used off the network.

This unique capability provides organizations with the ability to manage communications, web and application use on devices that are placed in Supervised Mode. The range of capabilities include:

  • Common policies for in and out of the organization
  • Policy granularity and flexibility
  • Group and time-based policies
  • Accurate web and application filtering
  • Unique Social Risk Management capabilities
  • Archiving with full user identity and metadata for each archived message
  • Full reporting and alerting