Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Technology Innovation

Managed Security and Social Risk Management for Networks and the 'Internet of Things'

Netbox Blue is a technology innovator. Since 1999, Netbox Blue has been developing solutions that help organisations realise the potential of the internet while reducing the risks associated with online activities. Not content with technology alone, Netbox Blue provides services and support to our assist clients and partners to maximise the benefits of the technology.

Flexible and Scalable by Design

Netbox Blue offers a broad portfolio of products to address the internet security and management needs of organisations from schools and universities through to small businesses, larger enterprises and government agencies.  Our portfolio of products offers benefits to organisations of all sizes - from those with just a handful of staff up to organisations with hundreds and thousands of employees, members or students.

Core System Capabilities

The Netbox server platform is based on a hardened unix operating system that provides robust security along with outstanding performance. Each Netbox supports many network interfaces both on the server and via VLAN capable switches. The Netbox is configured and maintained easily from the Netbox web interface which enables management of the Netbox platform from anywhere in the world.

Netbox Blue Support

Each Netbox includes Netbox Assist Support that provides peace of mind for Netbox Blue customers.  Netbox Assist Support includes:

  • Weekly automatic configuration backups to Netbox Blue's secure cloud-based 
  • Direct telephone and email access to Netbox Blue's Support Team
  • Regular system updates each month (approximately)
  • Virus definition and malware signature updates many times per day
  • The right to use Netbox Blue Software as per Netbox Blue's Standard Terms of Supply