Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Managing and Securing the ‘Internet of Things’

The ‘Internet of Things’ has broad implications for organizations in all industries and of all sizes. The proliferation of devices used to store and share information, collaborate and to access web, social and cloud-based services has grown exponentially. Organizations must seek new ways to secure and manage these devices. 

Netbox Blue offers practical solutions to these challenges.

Organizations around the world are benefiting from Netbox Blue’s patented technology platforms to help achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identity Management – allowing granular and transparent controls over each user’s internet use – across web, social and applications
  • Ease of internet access – using unique authentication methods to provide seamless access to corporate internet services on any device, while enforcing all company policies
  • Social Risk Management  - ensuring that all public social media, IM and collaboration is managed according to corporate guidelines
  • Data leakage protection – preventing sensitive data from leaking out of a corporate network on any device or communication platform
  • Social Archive – enabling social communications to be ingested into the existing archive platform for regulatory compliance, search and review purposes
  • Endpoint control – enabling corporate devices to be secured and managed outside a network, on any internet connection
  • Secure access to corporate social media assets resulting in more brand advocates or service staff being able to use these communication channels without increasing corporate risks

Netbox Blue has global technology partnerships with Information Governance, Archive, and Content Management providers to enable ease of implementation and adoption of next generation security and risk management.

Netbox Blue’s certified technology partnerships with infrastructure providers, such as leading Wi-Fi vendors provides further ease of implementation and integration into an existing network. These partnerships also mean the integration of the technologies has been fully tested and certified – resulting in ease of support.