Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Internet Optimisation

Netbox Blue's Content Acceleration Platform reduces download volumes and dramatically increases network performance by caching Microsoft (e.g. Windows and Office),  Adobe and Apple App store downloads are now supported. This means Adobe updates to Acrobat Reader, Flash and the full Creative Suite will be automatically served from the Content Acceleration cache after the first user has completed a download.

The latest capability of the Content Acceleration Platform, that will further extend the opportunity for businesses to reduce bandwidth and data requirements, is the addition of the premium feature YouTube Cache. YouTube Cache, a chargeable premium feature, allows organisations to confidently embrace YouTube as a reliable, safe and affordable learning and communication tool by caching YouTube videos.  All other features on the Content Acceleration Platform are 'non-charge' features for existing Netbox Blue customers (i.e. Microsoft, Adobe and Apple App store downloads). 

For organisations with iOS devices (iPads, iPhones and iPods) and Mac OS X computers, the Apple 'App Store' is now the default way for operating system and application downloads for updates and initial downloads.  These downloads can range in size from a few MBs through to several GBs.  As an example, a recent iOS upgrade was approximately 800MB for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices.   An organisation with say 700 iPads will save well in excess of 500GB of downloads with their Netbox and the Content Acceleration Platform.  An organisation with almost 3,000 iPads like Haileybury College reduced downloads by more than 2TB.  These large downloads impact network performance, can artificially inflate internet download quotas and will often cause the organisation to incur excess data charges from their ISP. 


Internet Acceleration Data Sheet
  YouTube Cache Data Sheet 
YouTube Cache Demonstration Video