Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Content Filtering

Netbox Blue’s Category Web Filtering technology categorises URLs into 32 master categories and over 400 sub categories. The categorisation includes domains and sub URLs in the domain. For instance, is categorised as a 'news portal', whereas is categorised as 'sport'. This enables organisations to implement and enforce a flexible policy to ensure inappropriate temptations are blocked and that the web is used productively. Combining the category web filtering technology with the advanced access policy controls of the Netbox secure web gateway means that policies that include group, time of day, date and network connection are available.

The technology has more than 200 million users globally contributing to the categorisation of URLs, so organisations can be confident that most URLs are already categorised. The system also has more than 500 million websites categorized including 100% categorisation of the top one million websites. Each Netbox is updated automatically from the ‘cloud’ in real-time ensuring users only gain access to appropriate content while not being blocked from legitimate content. Any Netbox can be upgraded seamlessly to include Category Web Filtering within the existing appliance, and can be managed within the current user friendly user interface.

CloudControl® Web is a cloud-based solution that provides Category Web Filtering without requiring a Netbox on site. A small tamper-resistant software application checks URLs dynamically as they are requested and allows or blocks as appropriate. This solution works no matter how the computer is connected to the internet, extending protection on laptops wherever they are used.