Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Managed Service Support Offering

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Netbox Blue provides customers a fully Managed Service Support offering for the Netbox Blue platform. This ensures the platform is optimally managed and any changes required are implemented quickly and professionally by Netbox Blue removing administrative and technical burdens for our customers. Netbox Blue provides this service to customers around the world.

The Managed Service offering is also a blended service whereby customers can make their own changes as desired while calling on Netbox Blue to make other changes. Netbox Blue requires that any changes made by customers are logged with Netbox Blue. The service can likewise be used to supplement in-house expertise when team members are on vacation or involved with other projects. The Managed Service offering is the highest level of support for a customer and provides services directly from the solution developer, ensuring the highest level of competency and knowledge. Changes are requested via an online change request form and can be scheduled in advance as required.

The service includes an automated cloud-based configuration back-up service (weekly) for ease of restore in a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) scenario, along with Netbox Blue management to restore the system. In addition all software and security updates are seamlessly pushed out to all systems at a convenient time, depending on the urgency and customer time zone. The service includes an annual health check service to review the Netbox and customer needs. 

The Fully Managed Netbox Service includes the following features:

  • Change Request service.
  • Proactive recommendations on taking advantage of new features and enhancements.
  • Set up of Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Netbox virtual appliance and link with ActiveSync (VMware and hardware environment to be provided by customer).
  • Setup and ongoing enhancements to general reporting and to SafeChat reporting (if applicable).
  • Annual Netbox Health Check service.
  • Review of Netbox compatibility with infrastructure updates implemented (once per annum).
  • Free three-month trial of SafeChat, including YouTube Safety Mode.
  • Free three-month trial of YouTube Cache and YouTube Cache reporting.
  • Provision of a free custom block page (one per annum).
  • Quarterly service delivery review and analysis.

Comparing Netbox Blue Support Offerings

Each Netbox includes our Standard Support offering that provides access to our Support team and software updates for the Netbox. The Managed Services Support offering includes all the capabilities of Standard Support plus additional services shown below. Netbox Blue also offers Consulting Services to meet ad-hoc requirements outside the Standard or Managed Service Support offerings.

  Standard Support Managed Service Support
Technical Enquiries    
General information requests via website, email or phone call Unlimited Unlimited, plus assistance in implementing
e.g.  "Does the Netbox support VPN tunnels?” "Yes, this type … and this type…" "Yes, can I assist you in setting a VPN tunnel? Please send through the configuration information."
Incident Management      
Incident impacting performance or network availability Unlimited Unlimited, plus assistance in diagnosing
e.g.  “User x can’t get to this website” “The proxy logs will help you determine the issue. Here’s where you find the logs, search for this…” “Let me investigate, who would you like to have access to this site? I’ll make this change for you.”
Restore system subsequent to major outage Customer manages restoration process Netbox Blue manages restoration process
Change Management    
Moves adds and changes to configuration Customer makes change Netbox Blue or customer makes change
e.g. “How do I do add an access policy?”  “See help article ID … “ “What would you like the policy change to do? Let me do that for you.”
Documentation/logging of changes  Customer records work completed if desired Netbox Blue records work completed
Automated push update service for micro-code updates (e.g. anti-spam/virus) Automatic - managed by Netbox Blue Automatic - managed by Netbox Blue
Major Netbox software release updates Automatic - managed by Netbox Blue Automatic - managed by Netbox Blue
Weekly cloud back-up of Netbox configuration   Automatic - managed by Netbox Blue Automatic - managed by Netbox Blue
Major changes to network or Netbox Netbox configuration back-up initiated by Customer Netbox configuration back-up initiated by Netbox Blue 
On-site assistance to move Netbox to new data centre Not Included (Consider Netbox Blue Consulting Services) Not Included (Consider Netbox Blue Consulting Services)
Review and re-design network  Not Included (Consider Netbox Blue Consulting Services) Not Included (Consider Netbox Blue Consulting Services)
Regular reporting Not Included  Quarterly reporting of changes completed, incidents responded, and general enquiries
24x7 heartbeat monitoring Not Included Will call within 2 business hours on non availability
Out-of-band management Not Included Available on request (Extra cost for hardware and ongoing telco charges)
Annual Health Check Service Not Included Included


Consulting Services by Netbox Blue are available with a minimum purchase of 5 hours.  This service is subject to team member availability.  Travel time and costs also apply. Contact Netbox Blue to confirm pricing and availability.