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Secure Access Controls - Securely Managing Access to Social Assets

  • Admin and Implementation Guide

Netbox Blue's Secure Access Control technology enables organizations to provide access to the company’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to multiple staff members without divulging the respective account username and password. 

This enables the organization to control who has access to those social media accounts, and not have to change the password whenever a staff member leaves.

Setting up secure access control is a simple two step process:

  1. Add the required Social Media accounts details (either Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).
  2. Specify which security group has access to those accounts.


  1. Log onto the Netbox Web UI using the “tech” account, or an account with full “tech” permissions.
  2. Click on “Social Media” main menu icon.
  3. Click on “Accounts”.
  4. Click “Configure New Account”.
  5. Select the Application (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).
  6. Enter in the username and password used to log onto that Application.
  7. Select the security group that can access and log onto the application. If the group is not present, then it will need to be created under the “Users and Groups” main menu icon.
  8. Provide a description if required.
  9. Enter in a Session Lifetime value, (in hours). This is used to determine how long the login session will last for. Leave blank to use the site’s default value (recommended).
  10. Click on update.
  11. Browse to “Social Media” - “Apply” and click the “Apply” Button.


At this point, a user which belongs to the group(s) selected in step 7 above can log onto the Netbox web UI, see just the “Social Media” menu icon, and can click through and log onto the allowed Social Media accounts.


If the “Social Media” main menu icon is not visible, ensure the group the logged on user belongs to has the proper permissions.

  1. Browse to “Users and Groups” - “Manager Groups” and edit the group in question.
  2. Ensure the permission “SafeChat Social Media Account Administration” is set to “Full access” and this group sits above any other staff group in the group list.
  3. Click Update to commit the changes.

If you do not see this group permission, contact Netbox Blue to ensure the module is enabled on the appliance.