Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Platform Overview

Netbox Blue’s patented Predictive Social Information Governance platform delivers the ultimate solution for detecting and analyzing in-stream social media communications for granular policy control, eDiscovery, DLP, BI, analytics, archival and further security and compliance applications.

This offers four unique capabilities:

  • A unique suite of social information capture technologies that work across networks, devices, BYOD and even directly from social media profiles, such as a corporate Facebook profile.
  • A predictive policy enforcement engine that can apply pre-defined content management policies to social communications before they reach the internet - i.e. preventing liability or damage from occurring. This patented layer includes multi-format de-coding and re-composition of social information, including encrypted communications.
  • A comprehensive reporting and alerting platform for any policy breach - in real-time or to manage historic records.

The Netbox Blue Social Media GRCS platform has been built to allow modular and continued enhancement of the core solution as required. The framework was built using Netbox Blue’s extensive background in the network security and internet management market.