Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Competitive Differentiation

Netbox Blue offers a completely differentiated Next Generation Social Information Governance platform.

Organizations from many industries are needing to ensure that social communications are managed in the same way as email and voice has historically been managed. In addition the archival of this communication now needs to be in a format that can easily be discovered and used for compliance, audit, search or other compliance requirements. Netbox Blue delivers this capability and ensures that if social data needs to be discovered it is available with all the necessary metadata and associated message information.

The unique platform includes the following capabilities:

  • analyses social media communication in and out of network utlizing patented bi-directional capture and de-coding technologies
  • can be delivered as a SaaS solution
  • massively scalable in multi-node, multi-data centre cloud environments
  • offers content compliance controls and archive ingestion capabilities
  • integrated with group directory services for fine grained user management
  • bi-directional deep application analysis of all common social media communications
  • delivers individualized productivity controls
  • optional iOS and Android device controls off-network
  • unique pattern-matching business processes deliver ease of use and instant benefits
  • malware security for all links within social information
  • embedded content filtering to prevent inappropriate web access from links within social communications
  • security capabilities for corporate social media account access control
  • flexible policy enforcement – allowing blocking, alerting, reporting, moderation, quarantining, archival and a range of other valuable features, all with near-zero latency
  • detects and enforces policies of in-stream communication (pre-internet) without any need for plug-ins,  user accounts or password credentials
  • Provides business managers with evidence-based triggers for swift decision making on compliance risks