Bloomberg acquires Netbox Blue

Python Software Developer

Apply Now for this position. Please only apply if you are allowed to work in Australia and are prepared to work full time in our office in Spring Hill, Brisbane, Australia.

  • This is a great opportunity to join a growing team in an established organisation.
  • We are constantly growing the team, and typically looking for an intermediate to senior developer - performing a diverse range of work.
  • You will have the chance to expand and develop your skills and knowledge with this experienced team.
  • We practise test driven development and Scrum project management predominantly on the Linux platform, developing and contributing to the open source community.

The Netbox Blue Brisbane development team work on advancing our award winning technologies. We are constantly expanding our web, email and firewall filtering capabilities, and looking to enhance our user interface to use the latest technologies. The majority of your work will be in Python, and we do everything to ensure that is all you do - minimising unnecessary paperwork and meetings.

The company is a medium size organisation that includes technology experts and recognised business leaders. We focus on the Education Sector, servicing K-12 schools to provide a safe and fast internet experience for children in their learning environment.

Netbox Blue is committed to investing in future technology, starting Leopard Labs to provide filtering and management solutions for mobile phones. We are also committed to open source, contributing to projects, sponsoring development and running the Brisbane Python User Group.

You will be based in Brisbane (Spring Hill) and your role will be to work on developing the core Netbox product and associated infrastructure. You will have flexibility in your workstation and software, with the option of using a variety of open and closed source tools and your choice of operating system (we currently run Linux, Mac OS and Windows), so you can enjoy your work environment. The development team is also based in a custom fit out building to ensure minimal distractions (even the network switch has no fans!). Your work will be on all levels of the technology, from lower level including firewall and web filtering systems, authentication management and updates and distribution of new features to the higher level web user interface.

Your key attributes will be:

  • Object oriented development and design experience, including simple to complex systems.
  • Networking experience, specifically in Linux.
  • Ability to pick up new concepts and technologies quickly and follow agile development methodologies.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Enjoy working as part of a team.
  • Self motivated.

Other desirable attributes are:

  • Python development experience.
  • Network programming experience.
  • Detailed understanding of IP networking, and internet standards (HTTP, DNS, SMTP etc).
  • A university degree in information technology (or similar).
  • Automated unit and system testing experience.
  • Linux software development experience.
  • Ajax experience.
  • C experience.
  • Understanding of SQL (especially PostgreSQL).
  • General experience with Linux OS.
  • Open source community contributions.

Generous salary commensurate with experience and skills.

Netbox Blue is a leading provider of innovative internet compliance, management and security solutions.  With systems deployed in more than twenty countries, Netbox Blue protects business, education, government and not-for-profit organisations with next generation security solutions. The company is enjoying a major growth phase, with thousands of companies and over 80,000 individuals now relying on Netbox Blue to provide secure managed internet access, content control and much more.

Apply Now for this position. We will keep your details on file and contact you when new opportunities arise. Please only apply if you are allowed to work in Australia and are prepared to work full time in our office in Spring Hill, Brisbane, Australia.