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Borderless Internet Compliance

Netbox Blue’s award winning Borderless Internet Compliance (B.I.C.) Framework provides organizations of all sizes with the ability to embrace social collaboration by managing and moderating in real-time internet communications, including email and the popular social media, chat and Instant Messaging services.
The B.I.C. framework uniquely enables an organization to provide controls within a company network (of any LAN internet device, including Smartphones and iPads) and outside the network on all Windows and Mac OS devices*.

“Concerns around Enterprise 2.0 fall into two broad categories: fears that people won’t use the newly available emergent social software platforms, and fears that they will.” – ‘Weighing Social Media Risks’

Internet compliance and governance requires more than just email and web filtering. With the pervasive nature of social collaboration and Web 2.0 applications, traditional filtering and management solutions simply cannot identify, manage or moderate these new forms of communication causing great risks for organizations.

These risks can all be managed by the B.I.C. framework and include:
•    Work place cyber bullying and harassment
•    Discrimination
•    Profanity across internal and external communications
•    Reputational risk across all internet communication channels, including email, Social Media, Search and Instant Messaging applications, such as Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger.
•    Staff productivity
•    Personal, confidential or sensitive data being inappropriately sent via traditional communication channels and common Web 2.0 applications

Netbox Blue’s unique B.I.C. framework provides a complete solution for organizations to manage total internet use, both within the network and on company owned Windows or Mac OS devices when used off the network or when accessing any available internet service – 3G/4G, WiFi, Smartphone tethering, Home or any internet-enabled device on the organization LAN.



The Borderless Internet Compliance framework provides far more than
 just simple LAN-based web and email filtering.

The B.I.C. framework provides an organization with access to the following features:

  • SafeChat® - provides unique real-time webmail, search query, social media and Web 2.0 communication management and moderation
  • Scanning of common attachments on corporate email, Facebook and Gmail for inappropriate content or sensitive data
  • Advanced web filtering
  • Time of day manager
  • Real-time and historical reporting on all web usage
  • Real-time alerting system for any policy breaches
  • A centralised management interface (also web accessible)to flexibly add and adapt policies
  • Group-based rule customization
  • Identity management enforcement
  • Group based activity controls to allow some groups to post content and status updates on tools such as Facebook, while other groups may only have read access permissions.

The B.I.C. framework also offers the ability to analyse and moderate encrypted communications (i.e. SSL or HTTPS traffic) across search queries, Facebook, Gmail, Google Talk and Jabber. This unique capability ensures that staff do not obviate any content scanning rules by simply accessing the secure websites for these applications. 

For more information on the B.I.C framework or to arrange a demonstration please contact us

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